St Nicholas Church St John’s Hill URC Summer 2024
Registered Charity: 1200883 Finance & Fees Cost of membership

We do not have any membership fees, but children and young people pay a small subscription each week or pay for a term in advance at a discount of around 20%.  

For those aged 4-5 years who meet on Thursdays, the weekly subscription is £1.20 (Uniforms are provided free)

For those aged 6-15 years who meet on Mondays, the weekly subscription is £1.  These age groups are expected to buy a uniform at the subsidised cost of £10.

There are no other costs involved in being a member of Sevenoaks Campaigners and in taking part in our weekly programme.

Outings, camps & special events

We run a number of special events during the year and most of these do involve some cost for those who wish to join them.  Our prices are always remarkably low and they are frequently at a subsidised rate.

How can we keep our prices so low?

The costs associated with premises, insurance etc. are met by our two parent churches - St Nicholas Church and St John’s Hill United Reformed Church.

Our leaders pay the same cost for outings and events as everybody else, so members are not paying for leaders.

Many people support us by sending donations to help our funds.

Some of our members and leaders provide live music for Barn Dances across the South East of England and through our Marching Band.  These activities are on a voluntary basis and we receive donations to Sevenoaks Campaigners in respect of our performances.


We are always pleased to receive donations.  We use them to maintain a lively and attractive weekly programme, which involves considerable administration and equipment costs.  As you have seen above, we also subsidise many of our activities so that price does not prevent young people from taking part.  We are also ready to give special consideration to those on low incomes, when that is necessary.

For income tax payers, we can reclaim tax if donations are given through the Gift Aid scheme, and we can provide the form for the very simple declaration needed.